VX Series Monitors

Viewsonic VX2237WM Monitor
You may have spent hours in front of your computer working, surfing and playing everyday. If so, why don’t you deserve a premium monitor with both brilliant screen and good look that takes care of your eyes as well? ViewSonic, the world’s leader of monitor technologies, created the latest Calico series with brand-new design DNA to make your eyes wide open.
Viewsonic VX2253MH-LED Monitor
The advanced HDMI is the best solution to the increasingly diversified signal sources of entertainment devices. VX2253mh-LED is equipped with both HDMI and VGA, so it can be connected to computers, set-top boxes, camcorders, players, digital cameras, and second-generation video game consoles.
Viewsonic VX2753MH-LED Monitor
The extremely big screen of VX2753mh-LED multimedia display gives a comprehensive coverage of work, living, and entertainment! The advanced, energy-saving LED-backlit technology creates an innovatively large but light and slim display device: this 27-inch Full HD gadget allows you to connect to every kind of visual signal source.
Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED Monitor
With impressively high contrast ratio and surprisingly large screen, VX2453mh-LED allows you to connect to an excellent visual world with little effort. This multimedia display device is well equipped. Its advanced technologies of LED display deliver true colors and offer a superior visual experience.